ARISE is a coalition of community groups, technical experts, and issue advocates seeking to create community-focused mixed-use redevelopments that strengthen the economy, communities, and natural resource base of the region, ultimately ensuring livability and accessibility to a broad demographic and future generations.

By developing a source of economic stability for the site itself and the surrounding area that is grounded in infrastructure supporting a broad range of social benefits and intelligently capitalizing on local resources, the ARISE plan will offer a model for communities to redevelop industrial sites into an active and welcome part of their environment. Through the ARISE plan, we seek to help communities Re-Invigorate, Equalize, and De-Carbonize.

To lay the groundwork for a long-lasting and vibrant community that addresses the real needs of the region, we use a collaborative, community-based approach, drawing from a diverse knowledge base. Groups contributing to this development plan include a range of public and private partners, with experience identifying and assessing community needs, modeling the integrated vision, and implementing transit, housing, and energy developments, etc. As the plan is still forming, we are continuing to seek insight on how to achieve our goals of building a vibrant and stable community.